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On our other site, we offer ten different shipping options - six domestic and four international.

This covers everything from US Postal Service Priority Mail, which is one of the slower services, that takes two to four days, all the way up to FedEx Overnight services, which are typically next day.

We offer all of these shipping options because these Parvo products that we sell are used both for prevention as well as treatment so accordingly, if you are using them for prevention, or you just want to have them on hand, just in case, you may not need to have your products shipped overnight.

Or perhaps if you happen to need your products shipped to locations outside the 48 continental states, you don't have quite as many options, so we've included as many as possible to help out for those situations.

Here's the problem that we see over and over and over.

People have sick dogs in the household and in a lot of cases, their dogs have actually started dying, and they need treatment immediately. However, for some inexplicable reason, they select the USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail, which has been the worst performer to date as we have yet had only one package delivered from them on time.

We have all of this information clearly stated on every page in several places, yet people still select the slowest shipping methods.

Just recently, we had a couple place an order on our other site and they selected the USPS Express Mail, which in our experience usually arrives somewhere between two and three days to the destination. By the time these people placed the order, six of their eight puppies had already died of Parvo, the remaining two were very sick as well (this happened over the span of just 3 or 4 days). Clearly, they should have placed their order when the first puppy took ill and used a FedEx Overnight shipping option and begun administering the products immediately, perhaps they would have been able to save most of their animals.

We are having trouble understanding how people determine what shipping option to select. It would appear that people think they have weeks in order to deal with this problem, when the grim reality is if your dog is infected with Parvo, he only has days, at best. If any other dogs are present, then it is just a matter of time before they start showing symptoms as this virus is highly contagious.

So this site is dedicated to emergency treatment, even though you can use the products for prevention, and they're proven to work nearly 100% when used as a preventative, but we're trying to get these products into people's hands quickly so their dogs have a fighting chance of survival.

So for this reason, we only offer three shipping options, and they are all FedEx Overnight type options, as listed below:

  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx Priority Overnight + Saturday
  • FedEx International Priority

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