3 August 2011

Why Buying Parvaid At Walmart Is Not The Best Idea

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Ever since we started helping dog owners with home Parvo treatments back in 2007, people have been asking us whether products such as Parvaid are available at stores like Walmart.

But is buying Parvaid at Walmart (or some similar store) the best idea?

(Note: before publishing this article, we asked Walmart if they stock Parvaid, and this is what a member of their Walmart Merchandising Team told us: “Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Parvaid. Walmart strives to provide our customers with excellent customer service along with quality merchandise for purchase. Unfortunately, the item in question is not available in our stores.“)

Advantages Of Buying Parvaid At Walmart

On the plus side, if your local store actually stocks this product, then you can obviously get it quicker than waiting for it to be delivered through the mail.

And Walmart are renowned, of course, for offering great prices.

So far, so good, you may be thinking.

Disadvantages Of Buying Parvaid At Walmart

However, there are several disadvantages that you need to be aware of.


Firstly, you’ll get absolutely zero support from the staff at Walmart about how to use the Parvaid, as they’ll know nothing about treating Parvo.

Parvaid Is No Longer Sufficient

Secondly, in our extensive experience of having helped treat over 5,990 dogs (and cats) during the past four and a half years, Parvaid by itself is not sufficient to deal with this increasingly dangerous virus.

The fact is, you will need to administer additional remedies over and above the Parvaid, and you certainly won’t find that information on Walmart’s shelves (although the good news is that you will find almost all of the ingredients you’ll need there).

Parvaid’s Misleading Instructions

Next, during the years that we used to sell this product ourselves, we told the manufacturer several times that their instructions were misleading and potentially dangerous – if you do as they say, there is a risk that you’ll overdose your dog, and while Parvaid is a natural, herbal product, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick to the correct dosage.

The last time we checked, however, their instructions had still not been updated.

Parvaid, The Product

What about the Parvaid product itself?

As we said above, even though the product has been around since 1997, it is no longer enough to deal with Parvo these days.

Why is this?

Well, the problem is that the Parvo virus is getting ever more aggressive – it’s more easily transmitted, the symptoms are more severe, and the available vaccines are increasingly less effective (not that we believe in vaccinating in the first place, for a number of reasons).

But during the last 14 years, the Parvaid formula has not been updated to take account of these more virulent strains, especially the infamous 2c strain.

We actually asked the manufacturer a couple of years ago which of their products we should be selling to treat this virus, and we were told by the company owner that the kit should include not only Parvaid, but also Vibactra Plus, Life Cell Support and Adizone.

As it happens, we were already more than compliant with this requirement, although to this day, Amber Technology are still not enforcing this policy with their distributor and resellers. (In fact, they too are still happy to sell you a single bottle of Parvaid, even though they know that this is insufficient.)

New Parvaid Alternative Available!

While Parvaid has become fairly well known as a viable alternative to expensive and ineffective vet treatment, the good news is that there is now a new Parvo treatment kit that is, in our view, a much better solution.

Treatment Power Compared

Let’s start by looking at the treatment power.

The standard bottle of Parvaid contains just 1oz. of tincture, and it will treat anywhere from 1 – 9 dogs, depending on their weight.

The new Parvaid alternative, on the other hand, comes in a 2oz. bottle and can treat from 1 – 25 dogs.

While the new Parvaid alternative can clearly treat more dogs (which is important if you run a rescue or shelter, or if you breed dogs), what you may not realise from these figures is that, if you have a giant breed (e.g. your dog weighs more than 100lbs.), then a single bottle of Parvaid won’t be enough – you’ll actually need to buy 2 x 1oz. bottles, which doubles you cost immediately.

One 2oz. bottle of the new alternative to Parvaid, however, will treat a dog of any size.

This may seem unimportant, as everybody “knows” that Parvo only affects puppies.

Sadly, this is not true – we’ve had customers with adult Italian Mastiffs, for example, that weighed substantially more than 100lbs. and which got Parvo.

Cost Comparison

Now, you might be thinking that all this extra treatment power will cost two or three times more than Parvaid.

But you’d be wrong!

The price of a 1oz. bottle of Parvaid on Amber Technology’s own website is $45.97, whereas a 2oz. bottle of the ParvoBuster All-In-One Parvo Treatment costs just $49.95.

However, it’s not just about the price, as when you buy the new Parvaid alternative, you also receive the unique ParvoBuster Parvo Treatment Guide, that contains all you need to know about treating Parvo at home, including our constantly-refined home remedies that will prevent both dehydration and hypoglycemia, how to administer the necessary products, trouble-shooting information, as well as extensive after-care hints and tips too.

Of course, you won’t receive all of this extra information if you buy Parvaid, and especially if you manage to find it at Walmart.

Ingredient Comparison

Moving on, what about the ingredients?

Well, of course Parvaid and the new alternative to Parvaid were formulated by two different people (by the way, our All-In-One Parvo Treatment product was created by a Board Certified Master Herbalist), which means they are using different herbs.

There are many different views about which herbs to use in combination with which others, so this is not too surprising.


But there is one big difference: Parvaid uses alcohol, and while Amber Technology state that this is used to preserve the strength of the herbal tincture and to get the herbs into the blood stream quicker, you do need to be aware that alcohol, even in small amounts, can be toxic and dangerous for animals, especially with really small and really young dogs.

For example, it can impair liver and kidney function, reduce nutritional uptake from the GI tract, and serve as a neurotoxin to disrupt parts of the nervous system.

And on top of that, some dogs just don’t like the taste of alcohol, which makes giving them their doses much harder.

So, that’s why our product uses a much safer glycerine base.

You see, the difference in absorption is a matter of just a few seconds, and as glycerine is naturally sweet, you don’t get the problems with some dogs not liking the taste.

Finally, on this topic, you should know that alcohol is a much cheaper solvent than glycerine, which means the manufacturer can make more money.


Another important difference in terms of ingredients is the fact that Parvaid includes garlic. While garlic has long been known to have many health benefits, it is almost universally accepted as being one of several foods that you should not give to dogs.

In our own experience, garlic can increase the vomiting, and as one of the common symptoms of Parvo is vomiting, you really don’t want to do anything that will make this problem even worse.

(That’s also why in 2007 we removed garlic from our Parvo Emergency Tea recipe.)


So, to summarise, you may find Parvaid at Walmart (or some other local store) and save both time and shipping costs, but you need to decide whether this, or buying a better value, less dangerous product that comes with all the home Parvo treatment information you’ll need is the right option for you.

Only you can make that decision – just remember, though, that your sick dog is depending on you to do what’s best and right for him.

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