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ParvoBuster.mobi - Our New Mobile-Friendly Site

We now have a mobile-friendly version of this site!

The new site can be found at ParvoBuster.mobi and its only purpose is to allow people to purchase one of our ParvoBuster® Viral Smack-Down Kits from their cell/mobile phone, since this site (i.e. ParvoEmergencyTreatment.com) is hard to use on a phone (although it can be possible).

So, you won’t find our unique Product Calculator. However, one of our ParvoBuster® Viral Smack-Down Kits is more than enough for most dog owners, who on average only have two sick dogs to deal with.

This is roughly how many dogs can be treated using one of these kits:

Dog’s Weight Dogs Treated
Less than 3 lbs.Under 1.36 kg. 50
3 – 10 lbs.1.36 – 4.54 kg. 20
11 – 20 lbs.4.55 – 9.07 kg. 10
21 – 100 lbs.9.08 – 45.36 kg. 6
101 – 200 lbs.45.37 – 90.72 kg. 4
Over 200 lbs.Over 90.72 kg. 3

The products in this kit (together with the home remedies that are included in our comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide) should be given to dogs that have Parvo, as well as to any that have been exposed, even if they’re not yet showing symptoms (especially if they’ve been vaccinated, since Parvo shots can give dogs the virus).

One of the products in this kit is also a powerful natural (i.e. chemical-free) dewormer, which is useful because a lot of puppies that have Parvo also suffer from an infestation of worms too.

Visit ParvoBuster.mobi to find out more (e.g. costs, shipping details).

* Remember, you must not try to use our ParvoBuster.mobi site while you are driving! Instead, pull over somewhere and place your order in safety. Yes, it may take you a few more minutes to reach your destination, but if you have an accident because you’re trying to use our site while you drive, you might never make it at all, in which case who will take care of your sick doggies?



The Importance Of Reading Instructions – A Response To Stacey DeSpain

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This post is a response to some feedback provided by one of our customers, Stacee DeSpain:

Hi, my name is Stacee and I am contacting you concerning some descrepencies I have found when me and my son Ethan used your site and resources. As you know, he lost his little 3 month old pup to this terrible disease yesterday evening. As we were feverishly working to gather the much needed funds for your product, I went through your site to drink in everytthing you had until we could get the medicine to us. I began with the tea, which on your site, the recipe did not call for MSN or willow bark. Your site also said for this tea for his weight, to give 1 tblsp every hour. Of which I did. It never mentioned ANYWHERE that I could find, that we would need to make a puppy gel and apply that instead of the maple syrup we had been applying to his gums every hour. When we finally had the means to purchase your product, and download the book (of which you had to buy your product to get), we found the dosage amount we had been feeding this sweet little puppy was too much! He needed to be given 1/2 tbsp. Why the descrepency in dosages? Couldn’t you just correct the one on your site to reflect that? Did this have anything to do with dezeras further and rapid decline in addition to other factors? Then, we find out yesterday early evening around 5-ish, that we were suppose to be giving him XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. It did not mention it anywhere on ur site that I could see…not until we ordered your product and downloaded your book and contacted you with further questions did we learn this. We had gone all day just giving him the tea, subcutaneous therapy, and maple syrup rubs with lots of TLC. We would have purchased the XXXX that morning when we began the tea, had we only but known. Is there a reason this vital information was not fully disclosed on your site regardless of whether people purchase your product? I tried to find shopping list with explanation…maybe it was just me…or maybe it just wasn’t there? I feel we were on empowered with only part of our arsenory to help fight this ugly disease our pup when we COULD have been better fully armed to go head on into battle with this thing. Please help make me feel better, that it was only my lack of being any more through with your site than I already was, that your company doesn’t just have an agenda to make money vs truly helping those who come to you.
Thank you very much,
Stacee DeSpain

Stacee, thank you for your message.

First of all, what we offer on any of our sites is free/public info for those who have not yet ordered, because the crisis occurs over the weekend, or on a Federal Holiday, etc. and need some fast intervention – as you yourself have seen the speed at which Parvo strikes.

Now, as far as our Parvo Treatment Guide is concerned, that material is Proprietary and is part of our ParvoBuster® intellectual property. That is our own material that we’ve developed since 2007 with numerous updates commensurate with the ever-always changing nature of the Parvovirus. Our Parvo Treatment Guide is a comprehensive 80+ page book covering all aspects of Parvo Treatment, i.e. what works and what doesn’t. As with any of our other works, unless otherwise stated, people will not have access to the treatment guide until they order the appropriate Parvo Treatment Kit.

In order to keep expenses lower for the customer, we sell that document along with the Parvo Treatment Kit; otherwise if we sold it separately not only would the person have to pay for additional processing fees (in case you were not aware of the fact that payment processors like PayPal or Merchant Credit Card Services are NOT free, every single time a transaction is placed we are charged a bunch of fees), the protocols in there would not make sense without the products.

That is the real point here, the treatment guide goes hand-in-hand with the products – you cannot have one without the other. Let’s take a close look at the top of Tea page:


If your puppy or adult dog already has Parvo, or is showing any signs of this virus, and you’re waiting for your ParvoBuster Kit to arrive, then you need to make and administer this Parvo Emergency Tea Recipe immediately to prevent puppy and dog dehydration.

Warning: This Parvo Emergency Tea is only intended as a stopgap measure to keep your sick dog going until your products arrive. It will keep your dogs hydrated, but it will not be enough to treat the Parvo virus itself – for that, you will need a complete ParvoBuster Treatment Kit. Use our unique Product Selector tool to find out exactly what you need.

When you buy your Parvo treatment products from us, you will have access to a much more detailed Parvo Treatment Guide that will tell you exactly how to use this tea, and even more emergency measures you can take to keep your doggie going.

Did you take note of these types of statements:

  • “…waiting for your ParvoBuster Kit to arrive…”
  • “Warning: This Parvo Emergency Tea is only intended as a stopgap measure to keep your sick dog going until your products arrive.”
  • When you buy your Parvo treatment products from us, you will have access to a much more detailed Parvo Treatment Guide that will tell you exactly how to use this tea, and even more emergency measures you can take to keep your doggie going.

This is clear and specifically states that the tea recipe is only a stopgap measure and in order to have access to the full treatment protocols you have to place your order. If further states that once you do place your order, “you will have access to a much more detailed Parvo Treatment Guide that will tell you exactly how to use this tea, and even more emergency measures you can take to keep your doggie going.”

So, to makes this absolutely clear, it means that the tea is not a Parvo treatment, an order has to be placed to get the complete treatment protocol and lots of other invaluable information based on our extensive knowledge of this virus.

Further down the page, in the Additional Emergency Measures section, it also states:

“Once you place your order, we will email you vital additional emergency measures that will supplement and complement the Parvo Emergency Tea and that will address the severe risk of hypoglycemia that is caused by your dog not eating.

It is important that you use the emergency measures in the Parvo Treatment Guide that you will receive, after placing your order, as these are different to those shown above, and the dosages are different too.”

This again tells you that there are other home remedies you need to apply, after you place your order, and that the dosages are different too. This is because, when you add in the extra remedies mentioned, you still need to make sure that your dog is getting the correct amount of fluid every hour – additional fluids from other remedies means the quantity of tea need to be reduced, otherwise you will end up over-hydrating your dog.

Speaking of which, giving your dog the full amount of Parvo Emergency Tea as well as subcutaneous fluids can lead to over-hydration, which can be fatal too, and this could certainly be why your dog declined still further.

In the Terms and Service agreement that Ethan signed (electronically), it states:

1. Commitment & Attitude

I am 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to save my sick dog(s), bearing in mind this will require half-hourly doses day and night for a minimum of three days.

I am both willing and able to follow your detailed plan to the letter.

6. Treatment Schedule

I will download my copy of your PARVO TREATMENT GUIDE immediately and begin treatment straight away, since waiting several hours before taking action is not an option.

I understand that from the minute I receive my free copy of your Parvo Treatment Guide, I will need to administer something to any sick dogs every half hour (both day and night!) for a minimum of three days (or maybe more if I order over a weekend or if there is a Federal holiday). This will involve clearing my calendar while I treat my dog(s).

I also understand that:

* The PARVO TREATMENT GUIDE is NOT the same as the Free Parvo Treatment 101 book that you may have previously download; that free book is only meant to explain what is Parvo and does nothing to address treating Parvo. You must download the PARVO TREATMENT GUIDE IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.



  1. Place the order
  2. Download the Parvo Treatment Guide
  3. Read it
  4. Go shopping
  5. Come home
  6. Prepare the emergency remedies
  7. Administer ALL of the emergency remedies as per the Parvo Treatment Guide
  8. Once the products arrive, add the appropriate number of drops to the tea every 6 hours (both day and night)

That’s it. The key is to follow the instructions in Parvo Treatment Guide to the letter, unless we tell you otherwise.

After doing this for several years we find that deviating from the Parvo Treatment Guide greatly reduces the chances of a successful outcome. Also, for those that place their order the moment they see issues and follow all of the instructions consistently, they have an excellent chance for a positive outcome. If we knew of a faster and still effective way to do this, we would put that in the guide.

Parvo is big problem and most people don’t take it seriously, they are lackadaisical, they have a cavalier attitude, they think it will “all blow over” or the virus is like a cold and “it has to run its course”, and meanwhile they are burning through what little precious time their pet has on earth with irrational thoughts and extremely bad gambling odds.

We’ve heard it all, bottom-line is this virus waits for no one. While people are trying to figure it out or take short cuts or save money by excluding some/all of the home remedies they are gambling with their pet’s life. That is the grim reality of the situation. You’ve seen with your own eyes how this virus works. This virus only has a small number of tasks, and it has become a master at survival: it singles out/targets weak animals, it is next to impossible to kill this virus, it can survive 20 years in the ground regardless of temperature (including extreme heat and cold), traditional chemical-based antibiotics are useless against it, and it also has the ability to mutate as part of its formidable defenses. The only real way to deal with this virus, is to lead an organic lifestyle, i.e. no drugs, no chemicals, and especially NO vaccinations, and keep your pet’s immune system at peak efficiency (discussed in the following post).

This is a protocol that addresses this issue:


This post talks about a problem we had and how we dealt with it. And yes, this post is relevant, so please read it as soon as can.

We took the time to write an entire 100+ page book on Parvo, which we give away as a free instant download (if you haven’t already grab a copy):


Well, we hope this gives you more insight on how this virus works and what you can do with any new dogs that you get in the future. Arm yourself with information, utilize the large knowledge base that we’ve acquired over the years, get that free Parvo book and read it cover to cover. You will learn some new things that will hopefully help you with new pets.





Parvovirus In Dogs Home Treatment – The SANE Choice

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Parvovirus in dogs is a traumatic experience, both for the owner and, of course, the dog. The sight of your beloved pet throwing up and gushing pools of bloody diarrhea is enough to throw any dog owner into a state of panic.

But here’s the problem – when you’re all stressed out at the thought you might lose your doggie, you’re not thinking clearly, and that can be a fatal mistake.

People’s first impulse is to act on instinct and do what you always do when a member of the family is ill – seek the advice of a medical professional, a vet, in this case.

It seems sensible, it’s what you’re trained to do in an emergency, and they have the white coats and bits of papers that lead you to believe they know what they’re doing.

However, what many people don’t know (and most vets certainly won’t tell you) is that Canine Parvo can be treated at home.

It is, in our view, the SANE choice:

  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Natural
  • Effective

Let’s look at each of these elements in turn.


Most vets (excluding holistic ones, of course) will use an array of chemical-based drugs to treat your Parvo puppy.

For example, there will almost always be antibiotics, which may range from some of the older types such as Penicillin and Amoxicillin, to some of the newer (and more potent) ones such as Baytril and Metronidazole, and there may be anti-emetics (to prevent vomiting).

Now, vets are meant to warn you of potential side-effects, but most of our customers tell us that this rarely happens.

So, what are the possible “contra-indications” (that’s code-speak for adverse and sometimes life-threatening reactions) of some of these drugs?

Most of these drugs, including antibiotics and some anti-emetics, can cause symptoms that are identical to those of Parvo, such as vomiting and diarrhea. (Yes, even the anti-emetics, which, remember, are meant to reduce vomiting, can sometimes cause additional vomiting!)

We don’t know about you, but if our dogs were suffering from severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, we certainly wouldn’t want to give them anything that might make matters worse than they already are.
One of the worst antibiotics, Metronidazole (sometimes sold as Flagyl), is listed as a possible carcinogen – which means you don’t want to be handling it or inhaling it.

It’s also banned, within the European Union and the USA, for veterinary use in the feed of animals and is banned for use in any food animals in the USA.

What this implies is, the drug is so toxic that they don’t want to risk it ending up in the human food chain – but vets are apparently happy to give it your sick dog.

On the other hand, a home Parvo treatment kit is completely safe – the products we sell have no reported side-effects at all.

When your pet’s life is at stake, why risk causing further problems with chemical-based drugs when you could choose a risk-free option?

Strike 1 for the vets!


If you’ve ever had a dog with Parvo and you took him to the vet’s, then you probably already know it’s not a cheap option.

But for those of you who have never had to deal with this particular crisis, let us pass on what our own customers have been quoted by their vets: you can expect a bill that is anywhere from $500 to $12,000 USD! (And that’s just for a single animal, by the way!)

Even if your vet advises you to put your dog down (something we never ever recommend – you wouldn’t do that to your child, so why do it to your family dog?), you might face a bill that’s from $100 to $500 USD.

Once again, a home Parvovirus treatment kit comes up trumps, as you will probably get away with a bill of $100 – $200 USD. This cost includes FedEx Priority Overnight shipping (within the US), and, depending on how much your dogs weigh, may treat as many as 25 – 50 dogs.

Strike 2 for the vets!


The drugs that vets use are anything but natural – they contain all sorts of chemical cocktails that have been cooked up a lab somewhere, and they certainly don’t have any place inside a body.

When you stick such foreign substances into a body, you have to expect there will be some reactions – and there frequently are, as we said above.

On the other hand, the Parvo treatment products that we sell are 100% natural, with not a chemical in sight.

Unlike some other products on the market (e.g. Parvaid), our products don’t even contain alcohol, which is toxic to dogs (and fatal if your dog happens to have a liver or pancreas problem).

Strike 3 for the vets!


The huge bills that vets present you with might seem a bit more palatable if their success rate was something to boast about …

… but the sad fact is that, according to our customers, most vets will only give your dog a 50% chance of surviving this virus.

That means you could be faced with a bill of several thousand dollars with odds of your dog making it that are the same as tossing a coin.

If we were going to be faced with a bill of $12,000 USD, we’d want a cast-iron guarantee our dog would make it – but of course, nobody in their right mind would do such a thing, as there are too many variables when a dog has Parvo that can affect the outcome.

The goods news is that, provided people follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions that are contained in our proprietary Parvo Treatment Guide, we expect a 90% success rate! (This Parvo Treatment Guide is available for instant download as soon as you’ve placed your order – because you need to start administering the various home remedies it contains immediately, and not just when your products arrive.)

Strike 4 for the vets!


We hope we have demonstrated that home treatment for Parvovirus in dogs is the SANE choice – it’s safe, affordable, natural and effective.

In fact, to us, it’s the proverbial no-brainer: no side-effects, you don’t need a second mortgage, it uses herbs provided by Mother Nature, and the success rate is almost twice what vets quote.

To find out exactly which products you need for your dog(s), please use our unique Product Calculator – that way, you are guaranteed not to run out during the course of treatment (which could be disastrous), nor will you be over-sold either. You will get exactly what you need – no more, no less.

By the way, other companies make it incredibly difficult to work out how much you’ll need, which means you either won’t buy enough, or you’ll be sold more than you need.

Our goal here at ParvoBuster is to treat our customers fairly and honestly and to make sure they have all the tools and information they need to successfully treat their dogs at home.

With over 5,990 successful Parvo cases under our belt, you’re in safe hands!



Parvaid Alternative

Posted by Rae and Mark under: Health.

When it comes to Parvo treatment at home, one product has been at the forefront more or less since it was first launched back in 1997: Parvaid.

There have been a few competing products over the years, including ParvoGuard (which was removed from the market a few years ago when it was closed down by the FDA), and Parvo-K (a homeopathic product that is of dubious benefit, in our opinion, and which comes with very confusing instructions).

So Parvaid has sort of become the de facto standard when treating Parvo at home.

But does it still deserve its reputation today?

We believe not, and here are a few reasons why.

Increasing Virulence Of Parvo

The Parvo strains that are around today, most notably the 2c strain, are much more aggressive than those of five or ten years ago.

Obviously, no strain of the Parvovirus is good, but the older 2a and 2b strains were relatively easy to treat compared to the newer 2c strain.

What this means is that, while Parvaid used to be effective in treating this virus, this has not been the case since 2007, when we first started selling this product.

To cope with the ever-worsening Parvo virus, we continued to add products one by one, until we finally ended up with a Parvo Treatment Kit (our Gold Value Pack) that contained Parvaid and four other products (i.e. Vibactra Plus, Life Cell Support, Pet’s Pain Formula and Adizone).

Long after we created this Gold Value Pack, the manufacturer, Amber Technology, themselves required re-sellers and distributors to sell this same combination of products (although they have never enforced this policy, and still don’t – even on their own websites).

In an attempt to keep pace with Parvo, they have actually increased the required doses from 63, when we used to sell their products, to 79 (as far as we can tell from their confusing website).

If you look around for reviews of Parvaid today, you’ll find that people are not having the success they once were – either because they didn’t buy the full set of products you actually need these days, or because they didn’t administer the products correctly (probably because of the confusing and different versions of the dosage instructions).

Parvaid Cost

Following on from the previous section, the fact that 79 (or more) doses are required has a knock-on effect on the cost of treating your dog.

With the older instructions, 63 doses per dog meant you could treat a dog up to 100lbs in weight with a single bottle.

However, at 79 doses, you can now only treat a dog that weighs 20lbs or less.

This information is not made clear on any of the websites we checked out, including Amber Technology’s own site.

The net result of this is not only that you will probably need more than one bottle of Parvaid, thus doubling the cost (although by itself, of course, it’s still not strong enough to deal with the 2c strain), but you may also find that you buy one bottle, and then, part way through the treatment, realise you need a second bottle (or more).

Breaks in treatment like this are not good, and can, at worst, cause major setbacks (or worse).

And, of course, if you buy all of the products that Amber Technology recommend, the cost will be well over $100 USD – more like $150 (or more), before shipping.

So, while you may think you can get away with one bottle of Parvaid, for $45 or so (plus shipping), your bill may be a lot larger than you think.

Trying to make do with just one bottle of Parvaid (assuming that one bottle is enough to treat your dog) really is a false economy, so why gamble with your dog’s life?

Parvaid Ingredients

Something else that we don’t like about Parvaid, and which we did raise with Amber Technology on several occasions, are two of the ingredients, namely, garlic and ethyl alcohol.

Garlic is known to be toxic to dogs, and in our own extensive experience can cause additional vomiting and diarrhea. Given that these are two of the most common symptoms of Parvo, we don’t believe in giving anything to a dog that will make matters worse, not better.

Alcohol is also toxic, even in small quantities, as dogs (and cats) simply don’t have the means to process it correctly.

However, it gets worse than that – if your dog has liver or pancreas problems, alcohol can be fatal.

Amber Technology claim that the quantities of both these ingredients are too small to cause any problems, but like we said, why take chances?

In the case of alcohol, Amber Technology do publish a very cryptic warning on their site about this risk, and what you can do about it, but it’s so badly-worded that most dog owners probably won’t understand what it means, if they even see it, and on almost every other website we checked out, there is absolutely no mention of this problem.

You also have to bear in mind that dogs may have liver or pancreas issues that are, as yet, undiagnosed, so you may be giving your dog alcohol, as part of Parvaid, that could prove fatal.

So, Is There A Parvaid Alternative?

We’re glad you asked!

In a word, yes – ParvoBuster is now proud to offer its own Parvo Treatment Kits.

We had always wanted our own ParvoBuster-branded Parvovirus treatment products, and with the increasing number of problems with Parvaid (and the other products in this range), as well as major issues with Amber Technology themselves, we had little choice but to break our ties with them and look for somebody else that could provide what we needed and with whom we could develop a trusted working partnership.

We were pleased to find a Board Certified Master Herbalist to formulate what we needed, which is why we are now in a position to offer two different kits.

Firstly, we have the ParvoBuster Viral Smack-Down Kit, which comprises 2 x 4oz. bottles, as well as our unique (as in, nobody else offers anything like this) and comprehensive step-by-step Parvo Treatment Guide, which tells you all you need to know about how to treat Parvo at home (e.g. a full shopping list of what else you’ll need, recipes, dosage information, trouble-shooting help, after-care information and more).

This kit will treat up to 50 dogs, depending on their weight, and will typically cost around $200 USD (including FedEx Priority Overnight shipping).

Secondly, we have our ParvoBuster All-In-One Parvo Formula For Dogs, which comprises 1 x 2oz. bottle, again, with our Parvo Treatment Guide.

This smaller kit will treat up to 25 dogs, based on their weight, and the cost, including FedEx Priority Overnight shipping, tends to be around $100 USD.

So, how do you know which kit you’ll need?

The first, larger kit is specifically designed for dogs who:

  • have been vaccinated within the past two to four weeks
  • have been dewormed with the past two to four weeks
  • have worms or other parasites
  • have a weakened immune system or are generally sickly
  • need a detox (which is recommended twice a year anyway)

If your dog meets any of the above criteria, then we strongly recommend you get the ParvoBuster Viral Smack-Down Kit.

However, if none of those criteria apply to your dogs, then the smaller ParvoBuster All-In-One Parvo Formula For Dogs will be ample for your needs.

To find out exactly what you need for your dogs, we have a Product Calculator – simply tell us about all of your dogs (even the healthy ones, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated or are showing symptoms or not, as they may still get the virus) and we’ll tell you exactly how much of these products you’ll need – although a single kit will be sufficient in most cases.

You’ll then be able to select which of the above two Parvaid alternatives you want and check out safely using our secure payment processor.

And don’t forget, as soon as you’ve completed your order, you should download your copy of the Parvo Treatment Guide – treatment begins immediately, and not just when your products are delivered!



Parvo Treatment Do’s And Don’ts

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Parvo treatment at home is definitely cheaper, safer and more effective than taking your dog to the vet’s, but it is grueling, both mentally and physically.

To start with, you’ll already be stressed out because your doggie has one of the most dangerous and aggressive viruses there is.

You’ll be confronted with frequent bouts of diarrhea (almost always foul-smelling and often bloody) and vomiting, so you’ll be on clean-up duty for several days.

You’ll be worried about losing him, and even more so if you have young children, as the death of a family pet can be especially traumatic for them.

And the home Parvo treatment schedule is physically demanding – you need to administer something to your sick dog around the clock and, sadly, that does mean both day and night.

Even if you have somebody to help you out, it’s still incredibly tiring – but, of course, ultimately rewarding too when you save your sick pet all by yourself.

So, here are a few do’s and don’ts when treating Parvo puppies at home.

Stay Calm

The one thing you must do throughout your Parvo crisis is to keep a cool head – you cannot afford to panic, as your dog is depending on you to do what he cannot do for himself.

Stay Positive

Even though it is very difficult to stay positive when you see your doggie fading away before your very eyes, it’s critical that you maintain a positive attitude throughout.

Dogs (as well as most animals) are adept at picking up on how we humans feels, so if they detect you being despondent, negative and pessimistic, they will mirror that, and that’s not what you want.

So, talk encouragingly to your sick pet, picture them as they were before they got sick, and imagine them being that way again already, and if you have a photo of them when they were healthy, put it somewhere prominent, like on the fridge door, so that you’ll see it constantly.

And whatever you do, don’t ever give up on your dog! We’ve seen dogs that were almost at death’s door, but they had a sudden turn-around, against all the odds. If those people had given up on their dogs, they probably wouldn’t have survived.


Of course, it’s always important to maintain good hygiene, but when your dog has Parvo, it’s even more crucial.

Parvo is really easy to transmit – on your shoes, clothes, hands (as well as on your car tyres, and by birds, insects and other wildlife), and by contact with infected dogs or their bodily fluids (i.e. diarrhea, urine, vomit, saliva, and mucus such as from nose-to-nose contact).

Many of our customers had puppies that got Parvo, even though those puppies had never been outside.

How does this happen?

In most cases, because the owners walk the virus into the house.

So, change your shoes whenever you go indoors, and wash your hands (with warm, soapy water) both before and after handling any dogs.

Later on, once the Parvo has been dealt with, you will need to use bleach (in a 1:30 dilution) on as many surfaces in the infected area as you can. That includes floors, cupboard doors and walls, but soft furnishings (e.g. sofas, carpets) will prove difficult, given that most people don’t want to put bleach on these.

Bleach Alternatives: these look quite good and seem to be highly effective in Parvo clean-up.


Closely related to the previous point, if you have more than one dog (as the vast majority of people do), then it’s very easy for the virus to spread from the sick dog to any as-yet healthy ones – even if they have been vaccinated.

Therefore, when administering fluids, either for treatment or prevention (our Parvo Treatment Kit can be used for both purposes), it is crucial that you get a feeding syringe and/or eye-dropper (for small dogs only as the capacity of most eye droppers is not large enough for dogs over 10lbs typically) for each different dog.

Also, if the products you are using come with eye-droppers, then you must NEVER put those anywhere near a dog’s mouth (whether the dog is healthy or not), as that could contaminate the contents of the bottle, hence the need for separate feeding syringes for each dog. Just to be clear, a feeding syringe DOES NOT contain a needle.


Following on from this, if one of your dogs has Parvo, then under no circumstances should you vaccinate any of your other dogs.

They may not be showing symptoms yet (the incubation period is 3 – 15 days), but there is a very high chance that they have been infected.

Vaccinating dogs that have the virus, or have been exposed to it, can be very dangerous – it can even kill them in a matter of hours!

Furthermore, Parvo is deemed to be ubiquitous, meaning it is anywhere and everywhere, this is why loads of people have found out the hard way, they vaccinated healthy dogs and within hours or days these previously healthy dogs came down with full-blown Parvo – yes, the vaccine gave the dogs Parvo.

This could happen at any time. Vaccinations carry many risks and do not prevent dogs from getting Parvo, so why take unnecessary risks? Give your dogs a real chance by preventing Parvo instead.

Make sure to have a Parvo Treatment Kit on-hand at all times.

Fluid Levels

Many people are aware of the risk of dehydration that comes with Parvo, but what is less well-known is the risk of over-hydration.

In the desire to make sure your dog gets enough fluids, it’s all too easy to give him too much, and the symptoms of over-hydration include excessive vomiting, and trouble breathing.

It is therefore important to stick to the dosage instructions, and do not be tempted to increase the quantities just because he looks thirsty.


By the time you realise that one or more of your dogs has Parvo, it is probable that others have already been infected, so isolating the sick dogs is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

What it will do is cause additional stress to dogs who are already stressed, and additional stress is definitely something you don’t want, as it will only serve to slow down the recovery.


Parvo treatment at home is a tiring but rewarding undertaking, but just remember to use your common sense.

There is a lot of misinformation about Parvo on the web, but if you buy one of our Parvo treatment kits, you’ll receive accurate, comprehensive, step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the entire ordeal.



Why Buying Parvaid At Walmart Is Not The Best Idea

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Ever since we started helping dog owners with home Parvo treatments back in 2007, people have been asking us whether products such as Parvaid are available at stores like Walmart.

But is buying Parvaid at Walmart (or some similar store) the best idea?

(Note: before publishing this article, we asked Walmart if they stock Parvaid, and this is what a member of their Walmart Merchandising Team told us: “Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Parvaid. Walmart strives to provide our customers with excellent customer service along with quality merchandise for purchase. Unfortunately, the item in question is not available in our stores.“)

Advantages Of Buying Parvaid At Walmart

On the plus side, if your local store actually stocks this product, then you can obviously get it quicker than waiting for it to be delivered through the mail.

And Walmart are renowned, of course, for offering great prices.

So far, so good, you may be thinking.

Disadvantages Of Buying Parvaid At Walmart

However, there are several disadvantages that you need to be aware of.


Firstly, you’ll get absolutely zero support from the staff at Walmart about how to use the Parvaid, as they’ll know nothing about treating Parvo.

Parvaid Is No Longer Sufficient

Secondly, in our extensive experience of having helped treat over 5,990 dogs (and cats) during the past four and a half years, Parvaid by itself is not sufficient to deal with this increasingly dangerous virus.

The fact is, you will need to administer additional remedies over and above the Parvaid, and you certainly won’t find that information on Walmart’s shelves (although the good news is that you will find almost all of the ingredients you’ll need there).

Parvaid’s Misleading Instructions

Next, during the years that we used to sell this product ourselves, we told the manufacturer several times that their instructions were misleading and potentially dangerous – if you do as they say, there is a risk that you’ll overdose your dog, and while Parvaid is a natural, herbal product, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick to the correct dosage.

The last time we checked, however, their instructions had still not been updated.

Parvaid, The Product

What about the Parvaid product itself?

As we said above, even though the product has been around since 1997, it is no longer enough to deal with Parvo these days.

Why is this?

Well, the problem is that the Parvo virus is getting ever more aggressive – it’s more easily transmitted, the symptoms are more severe, and the available vaccines are increasingly less effective (not that we believe in vaccinating in the first place, for a number of reasons).

But during the last 14 years, the Parvaid formula has not been updated to take account of these more virulent strains, especially the infamous 2c strain.

We actually asked the manufacturer a couple of years ago which of their products we should be selling to treat this virus, and we were told by the company owner that the kit should include not only Parvaid, but also Vibactra Plus, Life Cell Support and Adizone.

As it happens, we were already more than compliant with this requirement, although to this day, Amber Technology are still not enforcing this policy with their distributor and resellers. (In fact, they too are still happy to sell you a single bottle of Parvaid, even though they know that this is insufficient.)

New Parvaid Alternative Available!

While Parvaid has become fairly well known as a viable alternative to expensive and ineffective vet treatment, the good news is that there is now a new Parvo treatment kit that is, in our view, a much better solution.

Treatment Power Compared

Let’s start by looking at the treatment power.

The standard bottle of Parvaid contains just 1oz. of tincture, and it will treat anywhere from 1 – 9 dogs, depending on their weight.

The new Parvaid alternative, on the other hand, comes in a 2oz. bottle and can treat from 1 – 25 dogs.

While the new Parvaid alternative can clearly treat more dogs (which is important if you run a rescue or shelter, or if you breed dogs), what you may not realise from these figures is that, if you have a giant breed (e.g. your dog weighs more than 100lbs.), then a single bottle of Parvaid won’t be enough – you’ll actually need to buy 2 x 1oz. bottles, which doubles you cost immediately.

One 2oz. bottle of the new alternative to Parvaid, however, will treat a dog of any size.

This may seem unimportant, as everybody “knows” that Parvo only affects puppies.

Sadly, this is not true – we’ve had customers with adult Italian Mastiffs, for example, that weighed substantially more than 100lbs. and which got Parvo.

Cost Comparison

Now, you might be thinking that all this extra treatment power will cost two or three times more than Parvaid.

But you’d be wrong!

The price of a 1oz. bottle of Parvaid on Amber Technology’s own website is $45.97, whereas a 2oz. bottle of the ParvoBuster All-In-One Parvo Treatment costs just $49.95.

However, it’s not just about the price, as when you buy the new Parvaid alternative, you also receive the unique ParvoBuster Parvo Treatment Guide, that contains all you need to know about treating Parvo at home, including our constantly-refined home remedies that will prevent both dehydration and hypoglycemia, how to administer the necessary products, trouble-shooting information, as well as extensive after-care hints and tips too.

Of course, you won’t receive all of this extra information if you buy Parvaid, and especially if you manage to find it at Walmart.

Ingredient Comparison

Moving on, what about the ingredients?

Well, of course Parvaid and the new alternative to Parvaid were formulated by two different people (by the way, our All-In-One Parvo Treatment product was created by a Board Certified Master Herbalist), which means they are using different herbs.

There are many different views about which herbs to use in combination with which others, so this is not too surprising.


But there is one big difference: Parvaid uses alcohol, and while Amber Technology state that this is used to preserve the strength of the herbal tincture and to get the herbs into the blood stream quicker, you do need to be aware that alcohol, even in small amounts, can be toxic and dangerous for animals, especially with really small and really young dogs.

For example, it can impair liver and kidney function, reduce nutritional uptake from the GI tract, and serve as a neurotoxin to disrupt parts of the nervous system.

And on top of that, some dogs just don’t like the taste of alcohol, which makes giving them their doses much harder.

So, that’s why our product uses a much safer glycerine base.

You see, the difference in absorption is a matter of just a few seconds, and as glycerine is naturally sweet, you don’t get the problems with some dogs not liking the taste.

Finally, on this topic, you should know that alcohol is a much cheaper solvent than glycerine, which means the manufacturer can make more money.


Another important difference in terms of ingredients is the fact that Parvaid includes garlic. While garlic has long been known to have many health benefits, it is almost universally accepted as being one of several foods that you should not give to dogs.

In our own experience, garlic can increase the vomiting, and as one of the common symptoms of Parvo is vomiting, you really don’t want to do anything that will make this problem even worse.

(That’s also why in 2007 we removed garlic from our Parvo Emergency Tea recipe.)


So, to summarise, you may find Parvaid at Walmart (or some other local store) and save both time and shipping costs, but you need to decide whether this, or buying a better value, less dangerous product that comes with all the home Parvo treatment information you’ll need is the right option for you.

Only you can make that decision – just remember, though, that your sick dog is depending on you to do what’s best and right for him.



There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

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This post is aimed at those people who contact us, often abusively, expecting something for nothing and daring to tell us that we shouldn’t be charging for what we do.

It is in direct response to the following comment (which is reproduced exactly as we received it) that somebody called Dakota sent us recently:

Hey i think my dog has parvo and I don’t have time to order ur stuff she would did before it got here. u guys are sick anyways all you ever tell anyone is to buy ur $hit that we could make ourselves

Fortunately, people such as this are in the minority, and most of the thousands of people who we’ve worked with love and care for their pets and accept the responsibility that they willingly took on.

So, if you are one of these people, you have no need to read any further – although you might enjoy the rant.

However, if you are one of those vociferous and irrational minority, then it’s time for a major reality check: there is no such thing as a free lunch!

The vast majority of us have bills to pay if we want to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, so unless you have found some magical way to live your life 100% for free, you need to wake up!

We hate to tell you this, but everything in life has a cost!

How about this, for starters?

Supposing you go down to your nearest grocery store, pharmacy or health food store, fill up your basket with goodies, and then see if they’ll let you leave without paying.

Did that work?

No, of course it didn’t, because these people are running a business.

They have bills to pay too – electricity, water, telephone, rent, not to mention the fact that they have to pay their suppliers, otherwise they’d have nothing on their shelves to sell.

For those, like us, who only have an online presence via our various websites, then we hate to disillusion you, but that’s not free either. For example, we still have to operate our business from somewhere, and then to run our sites, we need domain names, web hosting, an Internet connection utilities, equipment, software, merchant credit card accounts, and plenty of other stuff.

And all of this costs money!

And we do mean all – materials, time, experience, knowledge, shipping, packaging, and more.

Let’s try again – why don’t you go to the doctor’s and see if they’ll give you a free medical check-up, or free treatment?

Or, as you’re probably a pet owner if you’re reading this, see if your vet will treat your sick dog or cat for nothing?

No luck there either?

What a surprise!

What about you?

Most people have (or at least are looking for) a job, but we bet you don’t work for nothing.

How would you feel about telling your employer that they don’t need to pay you because you’ll work for free?


Didn’t think so!

So, it seems as though you can’t live your life for free, but you expect others to give you freebies.

Hypercritical, or what?

Unfortunately, treating Parvo (and most illnesses, for that matter), does cost money.

If it were merely a case of reciting a few words, a poem or even a prayer to your sick dog, then that’s what we’d tell you to do.

But it’s not like that, as you should clearly understand already.

Some of you have suggested that you could make the products yourself at home.

Well, in theory, you could, although here are a few minor obstacles you probably haven’t even considered.

Firstly, not all the right ingredients are readily available on your local grocery store shelf. You have to find the right herbs, for example, and they need to be organic (since chemicals are harmful).

Secondly, you’ll need some equipment to transform those herbs into a tincture you can administer to your dogs.

Thirdly, you’ll need to be a Master Herbalist, to make sure you make the products correctly – even Mother Nature’s bounty can be harmful if used in the wrong way.

Fourthly, and this is a big one, you’ll need enough time to do all of the above, and with Parvo, time is the one thing you don’t have.

Distilling herbs has to be done over days – this is no 5-minute deal. You also have to have a complete laboratory and clean room with all the necessary equipment needed to measure, mix, extract, bottle, label, refrigerate, and perform many other crucial tasks. How many people routinely have a fully equipped lab with all of the necessary materials in it and the appropriate knowledge of how to use it?

In case you didn’t know it, Parvo can kill a dog within five hours of seeing the first physical symptoms!

Apparently, the fact that we give people a ton of free (and accurate) information about Parvo (including our highly effective Parvo Emergency Tea recipe) isn’t enough.

Nor is it enough that we sell a home Parvo treatment that is substantially cheaper than most vets’ bills – how does $200 USD sound, compared to the $500 – $12,000 USD that most vets will try to charge you.

And it’s apparently not enough that the treatment we sell has a 90% success rate (provided that the detailed instructions we provide are followed to the letter). Again, compare this to vets, who usually quote a success rate of 50% (or lower).

And on top of all that, you expect us to give away, for free, all of the hard-earned knowledge and experience that has come from helping treat over 4,000 dogs and cats – all with that 90% success rate.

Why do you think senior consultants, doctors, laywers, etc. charge more for what they do?

As you are clearly lacking in grey cells, let’s make it clear for you – you are paying for the additional experience they have gained, compared to those who are fresh out of college.

We’re not sure what you thought you were taking on when you got your pet, but you presumably weren’t aware that the average cost of owning a dog, over its life time, is over $13,000.

Or were you expecting all of his food, medical expenses, accessories, etc. for nothing too, throughout his entire life?

We accept that people’s situations change, and that people who had a job when they got their dog might have been made redundant, but in our experience, these people genuinely try to do what’s best for their pets, in spite of their situation, and for the most part, they do not leave abusive comments on our websites expecting free hand-outs. (In fact, we do try to help these people, wherever we can, but we are a small Non-Profit Organisation with limited funds, so there’s one thing we can guarantee – we won’t be giving anything away to people who don’t treat us and our experience with respect.)

So, if you’re still here, reading this, and you’re one of those people who feel outraged that we have the temerity to charge for what we do, then you have no business having pets in the first place.

In fact, the time we’ve spent responding to the comment that inspired this post and pointing out the bleeding obvious could easily have been better spent helping to save sick animals.

But in your utter selfishness, you take up our valuable time with your BS, while you sit there and watch your dog’s guts being shredded to pieces – yes, that’s what Parvo does to your dog, which is why you see the bloody diarrhea – as he dies an agonising death.

You would be far better taking positive action to do what’s right for your dog than sit typing garbage messages for us that does nothing but demonstrate you have no thinking ability, and no right to have a dog in the first place.

We hope, if your dog is sick, that he survives, but it clearly won’t be because of anything you have done.

If you were offended by any of the above, then it’s probably because you are one of the very people we’re targeting with this article, in which case we make no apologies – we’re here to help save sick animals, and we are more than willing to work closely with pet owners who love their animals and will do what it takes to look after them properly.

But if you’re one of those people who abuse animals, however, you define that, then we really don’t want to work with you.

Since you have so much time on your hands, why don’t you take a basic English class. Your skills in that area are absolutely appalling. This leads us to the conclusion that you would not even be able to read and follow the comprehensive instructions included in our treatment guide. Sadly, your dog is doomed as you are completely incompetent and would not be able to do what it takes to treat a Parvo dog at home.

Therefore, you need to stop wasting time looking for something that does not exist and take your dog to the vet immediately!



Parvo Emergency Treatment Site Online Again

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We are pleased to announce that our Parvo Emergency Treatment site is back online.

For a while now, both our ParvoBuster and ParvoEmergencyTreatment sites were redirecting visitors to Amazon, while we worked on major changes, but those redirects have now been removed.

For now, the ParvoBuster site will still redirect you to the Parvo Emergency Treatment site – that’s because that site is massive, and it will take many more months to fully update it.

So, why did we have to take these sites offline in the first place?

Well, our previous supplier, Amber Technology, had been engaging in unethical business practices for the best part of a year – they had intentionally been ripping us off, by overcharging us, and they would not rectify the situation. In fact, they have still not returned the money they owe us to this day.

We are a small Non-Profit Organisation, and we spend a lot of time and energy on both these two sites, as well as about a dozen other pet health sites, and we work with relatively small margins, so we really cannot afford to lose money this way.

On top of that, for a company that has been selling products for over ten years, their error rate was completely unacceptable – over 4% of orders shipped had errors, and, sadly, these errors did cost some animals their lives. (If you compare this to the industry standard error rate of less then 2%, then you can see why we found this unacceptable.)

The good news is that we have found a new supplier, a master herbalist with many years of experience who is willing to work with us on custom formulations amongst other things.

He also has a very nice line of existing pet health care products, all of which are 100% natural, 100% herbal, and none of which contain alcohol (unlike the Amber Technology products).

Now, switching over to this new supplier was not as easy as you might think, and we encountered several technical obstacles along the way.

For example, we had to remove some things, add a few new things, install new scripts, and sort out a major issue with PayPal who seemed to have updated their payment gateway, which caused a number of problems in the process (because we want to offer multiple payment options to give our customers more choice.)

Then, we had to fix a load of links, rework our Product Selector tool, which is a very complex piece of code that calculates exactly which products you will need based on the number of dogs you have (by their weight).

Next, our new supplier had to integrate FedEx to his own systems, as he’d previously only used the US Postal Service. This took longer than we’d hoped but, as you may know, we only offer overnight shipping for domestic and international orders on our Parvo Emergency Treatment site – anything else is too slow and costs dogs their lives.

Adding the full list of foreign countries took a while longer too, but all that’s sorted now as well.

Then, because we’re working with new products, we had to retool our treatment protocols, which are a bit different to our previous ones.

Next, we changed the way we deliver these protocols to our customers. In the past, we sent all the information via email, but too many customers were having problems, such as no email access, and inability to open the documents we attached to those emails.

So, now everything is done via download – as soon as you’ve paid for your order, you will be taken to a page where you can download all the information you need, directly to your computer.

ParvoBuster Parvo Treatment GuideEverything we used to send by email is now included in our brand new, comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide.

And finally, we had a lot of testing to do, to make sure that all of these different changes worked separately and together.

In summary, although the overall look and feel of the Parvo Emergency Treatment site may not have changed much, there have been a ton of behind-the-scenes technical issues that had to be resolved.

But now, at last, we’re there!

However, the PET site (as we call it), still only deals with the Canine Parvovirus.

Although the products in our home treatment kit will work for cats too, we still haven’t had time to update our documentation, as the protocols are slightly different.

So, if you have cats suffering from Feline Parvovirus (aka Feline Panleukopenia or Feline Distemper), then please use our Contact Us form to get in touch with us, and we’ll get you sorted.

In spite of being offline for months, and all the hard work we’ve had to put in to get the site back online again, there is some really great news!

And that is, the treatment power of our new ParvoBuster Viral Smack-Down Kit is far superior to the Gold Value Pack we used to sell. In fact, it’s five times greater, as you can see from the following table:

Weight Of Dog Dogs Treated Using
Amber Tech Products
Dogs Treated Using
ParvoBuster Products
Under 3 lbs. 9 50
3 – 10 lbs. 3.6 20
11 – 20 lbs. 1.8 10
21 – 100 lbs. 1.2 6
101 – 200 lbs. 0.9 4
Over 200 lbs. 0.7 3

But not only that, it’s actually about $10 cheaper too, so for those with multiple dogs (which is the majority of our customers, historically), the average cost for treating a sick dog has come way down.

Also like the products we formerly sold, these new ones are also supplied as liquids and are administered in drop form, with our unique Parvo Emergency Tea.

Again, there is good news here too.

Instead of having to administer five different products using at least two different dosage schedules, as was the case with our Gold Value Packs, you now only have to administer two different products, which both use the same dosage schedule, which is just four times a day. (Note, though, that you do still need to give the emergency measures that are detailed in our proprietary Parvo Treatment Guide every 30 minutes.

But at least with the new products, there is less room for confusion and, therefore, less scope for making mistakes. (We had customers in the past who gave products way too often, which is dangerous, or not enough, which is ineffective, because they found it hard to keep track of what needed to be administered and when.)

We have taken this major change as an opportunity to simplify everything, from the way we send you information to the detailed instructions themselves. The net effect of this is that, if you are able to place the order online, then you will be able to download our Parvo Treatment Guide too, and you will then be good to go in a matter of moments of placing your order.

It also translates into lower prices too. However, it is no longer feasible for us to offer round-the-clock, 24 x 7 support. With more than four or five cases, we simply don’t have the resources to provide that level of support. But that is why we have greatly expanded our Parvo Treatment Guide, which contains all the information you need.

In conclusion, we believe our new ParvoBuster Viral Smack-Down Kit offers even better value than what we used to sell, enabling you to treat more animals, for less money, and with simpler protocols too.



Where To Buy Parvaid – Pros And Cons

Posted by Rae and Mark under: Health.

The question of where to buy Parvaid seems like it should be simple enough – all you need to do is go to the local store and pick up a bottle.

Sorry, but you know that life is usually a lot more compex than that!

Parvaid is an herbal product that is chemical and synthetic-free. It is both effective and safe. Lamentably, it is not a chemical-based drug, which means that most vets who are trained in Western Medicine completely discount organic products as nothing but some alternative solution that can’t possibly work as it is not approved by the FDA.

Herbal products that are botanicals or food supplements, which is true of Parvaid and its related products, do not need to be evaluated by the FDA and therefore need not be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

A wall of resistance seems to go up as soon as you mention non-traditional or non-mainstream products. Most vets know Read the rest of this entry »



Wake Up And Smell The Parvo!

Posted by Rae and Mark under: Health.

During the past two years or so, we’ve worked with well over 850 customers, and we’ve noticed one common thread, which is: dog owners don’t seem to understand just how fast-acting and aggressive the Parvo virus is.

You can go to bed one night, with a perfectly healthy-looking, happy dog, and wake up in the morning to a very sick one – and, yes, the smell of Parvo is unmistakable, as the diarrhea, which is frequently one of the first symptoms to appear with the latest 2c strain of this virus, is foul and unlike anything else you may have experienced before.

We had one customer, in the Pacific Northwest, whose dog first showed symptoms of Parvo on a Sunday morning, and Read the rest of this entry »