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Parvo Update

20 Feb 2018: After helping to treat over 5,990 pets, our research has found that dogs treated using our Parvo Treatment Kits have a much higher survival rate compared to those treated by vets (and you'll save a ton of money too). See the photos below for before and after results. If you have sick dogs, immediately click the big yellow button below (the one that says "Tell me what Parvo Kit I should order") to get started.

Mojo When He Was Sick
Mojo (Sick)
Mojo Two Weeks Later
Mojo (After 2 Weeks)
Mojo Six Weeks Later
Mojo (After 6 Weeks)
Mojo With His Mom, Julie
Mojo With His Mom, Julie
Quote From Julie Mojo At 100lbs
Mojo - At 100lbs.
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Can Treat (Or Prevent) Parvo?
Can Deal With Recently-Vaccinated Dogs?
Can Deal With Recently-Dewormed Dogs?
Can Deal With Dogs That Have Worms?
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Maximum Number Of Dogs Treated 50 25 6
Largest Dog Treated (In Lbs.) 300 300 20
Treatment Duration (In Days)



Fluid Ounces 8 2 1
Cost Per Ounce $15.63 $22.48 $45.97
Cost Before Shipping $125.00
$44.95 $45.97
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Dog's Weight Dog's Treatable Using Option 1 Dog's Treatable Using Option 2 Dog's Treatable Using Parvaid
Under 3 lbs. 50 25 6
3 - 10 lbs. 20 10 2
11 - 10 lbs. 10 5 1
21 - 100 lbs. 6 3 0
101 - 200 lbs. 4 2 0
201 - 300 lbs. 3 1 0
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Trenton, with Macho and Lana - Click To Enlarge
Trenton with his puppy Lana
(right), and Macho (left) -
both American Bulldogs

My puppy is doing great and back to her spunky self and we couldn't be any happier. I am still giving her and my other dog the meds as a precaution and have and will continue to clean the yard and floors.

I couldn't believe that she went from us thinking we will probably lose her to couldn't ever tell she was even sick in just four days. After the first day of the pre-treatment process you could notice a big difference in her gum color and mobility.

I only have good things to say about the pre-treatment process and medicine.

Thanks again for saving my dog's life.

Richard, Florida, USA


Home Parvo Treatment - What Do You Need To Do?

Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!
  • This Parvo home remedy won't cost an arm and a leg
  • This will safely treat Parvovirus in puppies and dogs of all ages
  • This is very doable if you can read and follow detailed instructions

From This
Dog With Parvo
To This
Happy, Healthy Dog
In Just A Few Days!

If you're dealing with confirmed Parvovirus in dogs (e.g. he's tested positive for the virus), or he is exhibiting any of the classic Parvo Symptoms, this site is where you need to be!

This is what you must do:

  1. Use our unique Product Calculator to help you order the products you need.
  2. Agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  3. Give us a valid address, i.e. NO PO Boxes, NO Undeliverable/invalid addresses - when we get these, the package will get delivered to your nearest FedEx Depot and you will have to go collect it from there.
  4. Go shopping immediately after you place your order and pick up the Parvo Home Remedies ingredients at Walmart, a Pet store, and Walgreens.
  5. Be prepared to administer the Home Parvo Remedies EVERY 30 minutes for 3-5 days (yes, that means 24 hours a day)

If you cannot meet these minimal basics, or you are very disorganized, or you have chaos and negativity in your life, then Parvo treatment at home is definitely not for you.

What is in the at home Parvo Treatment Kit?

Feeding Syringe (This One Is For A Dog Up To 10lbs
  • Liquid herbal tinctures given orally via a feeding syringe (NO Needles) that you'll get from the pet store
  • our comprehensive Parvo Treatment Guide (via instant download), which covers:
    • a shopping list of ingredients you'll need
    • recipes
    • pre-treatment
    • treatment
    • after-care
    • and more

Of all the treatments for Parvo that exist, this is the one we recommend.

If you are ready to get started, then order your natural Parvo Treatment Kit NOW.

Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!

Note that this page about home treatments for Parvo has changed recently, so we have left the original text here for those that still wish to read it.

Common Parvo symptoms such as:

Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!
  • Lethargy & depression
  • Vomiting & dehydration
  • Diarrhea (with and without blood)
  • Loss of appetite & thirst

must be addressed NOW!

Here's what most people want to know about our safe Home Parvo Treatment Plan, which includes our famous Parvo Home Remedies:

Main Issues The Vet Our Home Remedies For Parvo
Cost $500 - $12,000 USD Under $200 USD
# Of Dogs Treated 1 3 - 50
Support Very little, if any Comprehensive personal coaching plan provided
Success Rate 0% - 80% (Average 50%) Very High

Many sites will sell you a bottle of Parvaid, but will they help through your Parvo crisis? That is highly unlikely because they don't have any experience or expertise to offer you.

If you are just curious about this virus and you don't have a sick dog, then you can find out more by downloading our free Parvo Treatment 101 book; otherwise, if your dog is sick - you need to get moving now. You can educate yourself later once your dog is back on his feet again.

Your choice is simple - treatment of Parvo requires experience, and we have that experience (5,997 cases), we are up on the latest research (when you have a spare moment, get our FREE Parvo Book, Parvo Treatment 101 via instant download to your computer), we have the skills you need...

Right now, your sick dog's intestines are being shredded, from the Parvovirus gut shredder. Do not allow your dog to spend even one more agonizing moment of pain or die a needless death.

Let's get him back on his feet - he deserves it - he would return the favor for you if he could.

Get your life-saving Parvo Treatment at home kit now!

Vet treatment for Parvo: is it all that it's cracked up to be?

Find out what vets don't tell you about their Parvovirus treatment and why it is only at best a 50:50 proposition?

Parvo Facts you might not know:

Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!
  • Most vaccinations are USELESS against the 2c Strain of Parvo and this is why there is such an increase of Parvo cases amongst fully-vaccinated adult dogs as well as puppies.
  • Parvo shots are giving dogs Parvo.
  • You can actually give your dog the virus (go to to find out why).
  • The newer strain of Parvo is much more contagious than previous strains.
  • So-called home Parvo treatments abound on the Internet, but many are actually dangerous - which is why you'll only get up-to-date, safe and accurate infomation from us.
  • Cats can become infected from Parvo-infected bodily fluids in the form of Feline Distemper.

You can save thousands on vet treatments that only have a 50% chance of working and heal your dog at home with a much higher success rate!

Are you ready yet to work together to save your dog?

Order Your Parvo Treatment Kit Now!

Then let's get started, you can always read about this later, as we've got several sites, articles, and other resources about Parvo treatment at home if you need them - more info is not a problem - however time is running out. Sadly many dogs that don't get treatment for Parvovirus will die a horrible death from this virus - don't be another victim to this pet killer.

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